Finance FAQ’s

Please allow for 48 hours after receiving confirmation of an offer to study at UKZN before proceeding to the bank to make payment.


You will not be able to make payment at the bank immediately after receiving an offer from UKZN. You are required to wait for at least 48 hours. Thereafter, the bank will have your student number updated on its database and you will be able to make payment.

The required 2022 registration fees are as follows:

    • Local students registering for tuition only: R4,170.
    • Local students registering for both tuition and residence: R7,350.
    • International students (including SADC region): 100% of the total tuition and residence fees for 2022. Please also see the International fees booklet, accessible via the Student Portal on the University website ( for guidance.

Yes, registration fees are payable by all students who wish to register at the beginning of each academic year before registration can be finalized. Students who are funded by NSFAS are not required to pay a registration fee.

An SMS will be sent to you advising that financial clearance has been granted. You will then be allowed to proceed with finalising your registration. Ensure that your contact details are updated. These can be viewed and edited under the biographical menu on Student Central.

Fee statements are available on the Student iEnabler to students who were last registered in the second semester of 2021. The student iEnabler is accessible by logging onto Student Central. If you were not registered in 2021, you can contact Student Fees for assistance.

Student banking details forms are available online on the Student Portal. Completed forms with all supporting documents may be submitted to the Fees email address for your campus. Required supporting documents and contact information are detailed on the form.

Yes. Registration fees are payable by all students who do not have 100% funding for their 2022 fees.

Yes. Financial clearance concessions are available for qualifying students for the 2022 registration. Visit Student Central for applicable concessions.

The following are required as supporting documents when applying for the 2022 concessions and submitting a payment plan:

  • Proof of income
  • Certified copy of student ID
  • Certified copy of parent/guardian/payer’s ID
  • Proof of unemployment from the Department of Labour
  • Affidavit (where applicable, e.g. domestic worker or self-employed street vendor with no payslip)
  • 3-month bank statement (where applicable, e.g. additional income or no current payslip available)
  • International students are also required to include current year’s proforma invoice obtainable from their respective College

Yes, you will be granted financial clearance provided that the excess funds are R4170 or more for academic registration only or R7350 or more for academic and residence registration. For Funded students, please consult with the Financial Advisor in your College for confirmation.

Contact your College Administrator and request for a proforma invoice.

Send a query to the Fees office on your campus of study via e-mail as follows:           (Edgewood Campus)                (Howard College Campus)                (Medical School Campus)                     (PMB Campus)               (Westville Campus)     

No discount is offered for early payment. However, no interest will be levied on paid up accounts.

Submit the bursary confirmation letter to your College Financial Aid Advisor for financial clearance. If you have any outstanding fees from previous years, you will be required to settle the debt before you can be financially cleared.

The minimum registration fees are required upfront. We do not accept promissory letters from employers. If you have any outstanding fees from previous years, you will be required to settle the debt, as well as pay the minimum deposit(s) before you can be financially cleared.

Contact your College Financial Aid Advisors.

Please visit the Student Funding website for more information.